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That is sooo Butt Unknown

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling recently.  I went from never having been on a plane to being on 10 planes in a month.  One thing puzzles me.  Why do airplane seats recline in the first place?  What kind of douche canoe rams his seat back into the face of their neighbor to the rear without so much as a ‘how do you do’? Now, my flights were relatively short.  The longest was close to 3 hours.  So, I’m not talking about one of those  8 hour inter continental monsters.  I’m talking about the flights so short you don’t even get a blanket.  What makes you so important that I have the whole 3 hours to judge the quality of your anti dandruff shampoo? Next time, don’t be surprised if you have a little lingering back pain from a well place knee.  Or perhaps the lingering cold from a well placed sneeze.  Just saying.

You have options, so technically, it is a multimatum.

2011 had some really awesome bits.  The reception weekend went off way better than I could have hoped. I had a fantastic time, I hope everyone else did too. It was great to have all the family together for the evening. I even convinced an old friend of the family to make the trip and hang out with my Dad. It was also great to see Dad get out and enjoy himself for once.

With that said, parts of 2011 have totally sucked sweaty donkey bits.  Essentially, I’ve had chronic hives (urticaria) since the first week of June. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but in August it decided to up the ante and add in some angiodema (deep tissue swelling). So, now some mornings I wake up looking like Harry Potter after Hermione hit in the face with that jinx. Some days it is one eye, or both. Some days it is my upper lip. Some days it is my lower lip. Some days it is only half my lip. I feel like the cartoon version of myself. I also have issues with my hands and feet. I get cabbage patch kid looking hands and feet from the swelling.

After having been tested for nearly everything under the sun, I finally got a referral to an allergist. Who informed me that chronic hives rarely caused by an allergy. Rarely do they determine the cause for them and they generally don’t last more than a year.  Well, at least I have that to look forward to, huh? He was able tell me that my hives are autoimmune.  Great, that probably means I have such fun things to look forward to as Rheumatoid Arthritis and/or Lupus.

So, now everyday is a parade of mega antihistamines (read dry mouth from hell) and steroids. At this point, I’d eat Spicey if he stood still long enough. It’s like the Bugs Bunny cartoon where they are lost at sea and start to see each other as roasted chickens.  On the low dose of steroids, I still get some hives but not the angiodema. I’m grateful for that.

Ok, rant over. As lives go, I’ve got a pretty damn great one and I have no business whining about some itchy puffy lips.