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Man, I don’t whistle past graveyards! I sit down, eat my lunch, insult a few birds, and take a nap!

Shiny New Diploma
Shiny New Diploma

I was actually afraid of graduating. I like the comfort of adcademia and the thought that it is all just practice for when I get the real job at some future moment when I actually grow up.  Well, I find that its not so scary after all. However, I never intend to grow up. I will always be a student in some form (aren’t we all?). Even if it is just a knitting class at the local craft store, I will find a way of learning new things. Besides, I wont be officially grown up until I get that doctorate.

If I spank you with auto parts, will you make me crab cakes?

  • Raisinets are a “natural source of antioxidants, which help maintain body health” therefore eliminating the negative impacts of consuming the 4oz of chocolatey goodness to 1/2 oz of actual raisin.
  • Cupcakes are the perfect little snack as they can maintain the critical ratio of cake to frosting that is needed for proper snacking satisfaction.
  • Sandwiches almost always taste better when someone else makes them for you.
  • BBQ chips are universal and can be partnered with any sandwich, Doritos cannot.
  • Plain tortilla chips must ALWAYS be accompanied by some sort of dip.

Now, I think I shall go find something tasty…..

How I spent my summer vacation..

NIN tickets
NIN tickets

 Been busy this summer.  Saw NIN in Knoxville last night.  The show was pretty good. Very entertaining visuals, because the mind wanders when its just the music, you know. Especially, when its a 10 minute long instrumental. Ate a tasty dinner before the show at The Tomato Head. Over all, a great evening.

Wrappers and Bottles and Books, Oh My!

Anyone who has seen my car would know that I need a “No Riders” sign on the passenger side.  Not because I’m anti-social, but because my passenger seat and the floor board are usually full of crap — wrappers from snacks on the go, bottles from drinks on the go, books (because everyone needs a few books on hand).  I also have a very strict “do not wash” policy for the exterior of my vehicle. The dirt is what holds it together. However, this weekend, my sweetie CLEANED  my car (notice how it sparkles?). Top to bottom, carpets, windows and all.  He even cleaned off the passenger window, which required a sandblaster since my most frequent passenger has a wet nose and a drooling problem.  And to top things off, he changed the oil.  Yeah, he’s a keeper.

Haunted Vintage Monkey Toy (lookout Bucky)

Travel with me into the deepest and darkest basements of cyberspace to take a look at…… (wait for it)….Haunted eBay [cue creepy organ music].


Like a REAL gypsy fortune teller, the darker side of eBay is not on the beaten path. Its items are rarely (if ever) featured on the main page.  You have to actually be looking for them. And apparently, there are lots of folks looking for them. You can find dolls, jewelry, spells, amulets, furniture and various other items with an occult flavor. If you are into it, you can even auction up a couple of succubus twins. On one occasion, I found a listing for a haunted ivy plant. Apparently, the owner’s late brother passed on the usual colds spots and bumps in the night and decided to possess some variegated ivy. 


My interest in such items started with the now famous “haunted eBay painting” by Bill Stoneham. I will say that the picture does have a high creepy factor even without knowing its colorful (pardon the pun) history. After finding that story, I decided to go hunting for other haunted items on the world’s largest internet auction site. 


The best of the haunted items have more than just the word haunted in their description.  They must be accompanied by a better than average story. Of course, for legal reasons these items are plastered the standard “for entertainment only” disclaimers.  But really, how could you complain?  Would you leave negative feedback because the succubi did not appear as promised?


On my journey through cyber-ether today I found “Haunted Gel for Gar and Driving Protection”.  I object to the use of the word “haunted” in this case. Is it really “haunted” or merely enchanted?  Or perhaps the seller thinks that enchanted does not inspire sufficient amounts of spine tinglies.


I also found a vintage monkey toy that claims to be haunted. Not a whole lot of back story for this one, which was disappointing, but it certainly does have a creep factor.


The last thing I found on this particular trip was a haunted doll by the name of Sarah. The doll is creepy enough all on its own (all dolls are to me). 


Check them out, be entertained, buy something and let me know if you start hearing bumps in the night!