Monthly Archives: November 2008

Oh yeah, one more thing…..

OK, I neglected to put the scariest thing of all on my previous post of frightening things–The Burger King King!  Yeesh! He has a creep out quotient of like 75 (on a 10 point scale).  However, he has taught us a potentially valuable lesson in one of the more disturbing commercials.  You know the one where the guy wakes up and the BK is in his bed?  And the guy is all “holy Christ on a bicycle!” Then BK replies with, “But look, I have a breakfast sandwich.” And then its all puppies and rainbows.  So, now you are saying to yourself “but, Beth, where is the lesson here?”  Well, friends and neighbors, thats what I am here to tell ya.

The lesson is thus….. Like the country song lyrics say, I’ve never went to bed with less than a 7, but I’ve woken up with a few 3’s.  So, I propose that all of the 3’s out there (and you know who you are) carry a breakfast sandwich on their person when they go clubbing. Think about it, it’s Sunday morning, the 8 that was on your arm last night wakes up (sans the beer goggles) and gets that deer in the headlights look on their face. And then viola!  Out comes the tasty breakfast sandwich and all is well.  Puppies and rainbows, folks, puppies and rainbows.