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Hi there, Jerkishly!

A list of things that irk me:

  • People who, upon hearing of my choice not to procreate, say  “oh, you’re young. You’ll change your mind.”  Thank you for your prediction about my reproductive habits.
  • People who walk 4 wide down the hall and then look irritated when you don’t move out of their way.  Hey, you show me where it is written that you own that piece of carpet and I’ll get out of your way. Otherwise, learn to yield.
  • People on the cell phone in the bathroom stall. Geez, that is all kinds of gross!
  • Senior managers who use really bad grammar on Internet postings at work. Yeah, you got that MBA, but apparently there was not a composition requirement in the mix.
  • Sarah Silverman–she is really not that funny, and her voice is irritating.
  • When the little Korean guy wants to argue with me about my choice of nail polish. I pay you to paint my nails, not for fashion advice. Less talkie, more workie.
  • People who automatically assume that I share their Judeo-Christian, homophobic, ethnocentric belief system (and subsequent baggage). Got Jesus? No, why? Do you have an extra?
  • People who stop for green lights
  • People who call me Stephanie.

What irks you?

Pizza and Hamburgers and Beer, Oh My!

Friday night, we were invited to go to a new burger joint with my sister and her hubby. We drove by Five Guys at about 6PM on Friday night, and it was so packed that we speculated that they might be offering services other than burgers and fries. So, denied the supposed burger experience of a lifetime, we went instead for our favorite pizza–Johnny Brusco’s. Good pizza, good company, and Fat Tire on tap (the only beer I like).  Great fun was had by all.

Saturday we went back to Kingsport for Jon to have some tattoo work done. We thought about attempting the Five Guys again, but the guys in the tattoo shop gave it a really bad review, plus it is pretty pricey.   This time we checked out Sharon’s Hamburgers (this place used to be Sharon’s BBQ). I have to say that was an awesome burger, for not too much money.  They even give you a mini chocolate moon pie with your burger.  I highly recommend it.

Sharon’s Hamburgers:

-fast service
-clean facility
-excellent value
I give it:  5 of 5 flowers


At the opera tonight…..

As you may know, I have a love of musicals and a like of industrial types of music, so the combination of the two into a new rock opera is pretty exciting for me. My copy of Repo! The Genetic Opera came in the mail today (see previous Repo! post).  So, of course, I promptly ripped it open and popped it in the player.  I have to admit that I was afraid that it would not live up to the hype.  Especially since I first heard about it in the 3rd quarter of 08. I’ve had a long time to read the reviews, watch the promo videos, see the trailer and build my expectations. 

What I can say after watching it is “WOW.”    This redefines opera for my generation the way Tommy did in 1975. I hope it will be come as iconic as The Rocky Horror Show. I would definitely put together a Blind Mag costume to join in the audience participation.

I give it 5 of 5 flowers!


Evidently your parents slapped together version 1.0 of you and hoped no one would notice the bugs.

These are the questions that keep me up at night:

  • Does the ShamWow guy have only one eye? If not, is he winking at me? You’d think he could afford a glass one or something.
  • In what universe is Rachel Ray NOT irritating?
  • Does Darby Conley have a secret camera stashed in my house?
  • Why do people who wont speak to you at work want to be your friend on Facebook?
    Same thing for people who wouldn’t speak to you in high school….
  • Why does the black dog poop and then walk through it?
    I mean like, hey, you just did that. It’s not like its a week old or anything.
  • Has David Caruso ever looked at a CSI script and said, “No, that’s just too cliche.”?
  • Has Gary Sinise ever looked at a CSI script, rolled his eyes and said, “Oh god, even David wouldn’t say that.”?
  • Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

What questions keep you awake at night?

No offense, but if you wrote a story about your life and sent it to Frank McCourt, he would reject it as being unrealisticly squalid

Good bye, 2008! Hello, 2009!

Well, as bad as 2007 sucked stagnant pond water, 2008 was pretty darn good. In fact, over all I’d have to give it 4 out of 5 stars.  I did learn a  lesson or two in the process though. So, I thought I’d share my lessons from 2008:

  • “Friend” is apparently a fairly subjective term.
  • Friends are not jealous of you, friends are happy for you. 
  • Don’t let other folks add their problems to yours.
  • Don’t question the good things, just enjoy them.
  • You will be exactly as happy as you want to be.

Happy 2009 everyone!