Monthly Archives: June 2009

And yet, your hostility does not permiate my groovitude. I shall hencetoforward ignore you.

Listening to my Beatles station on Pandora and the lyrics of some of these songs from the 60s and 70s are such acid trips! And they raise some questions:

  • Who is this Quinn the Eskimo guy? Why is everyon going to jump for joy when he gets here? Is he going to mow my lawn or something? Who ever heard of an Eskimo called Quinn anyway? (Manfred Mann)
  • This Cecilia girl works pretty fast.  Dude gets up to wash his face and some other guy is already in the bed?  I bet this chick charges by the hour. (Simon & Garfunkle)
  • The Spirit in the Sky was written and performed by a Jewish guy? (Norman Greenbaum)
  • What exactly did “Mama Pajama” see that was so illegal? Why would a priest come to bail the guy out if he did something that bad? What exactly what were he and Julio doing down by the school yard? (Paul Simon)
  • Anything on the Sgt Pepper album is way out there–yellow submarine? (Beatles)
  • What the hell is Suleman about anyway?  Makes me think of the Will Ferrell GAP commercial parody, “I wrote this song on a Dixie Cup in Topeka, Kansas.” (Neil Diamond)
  • OK, not lyric related, but music related. Was there EVER any doubt that Freddie Mercury was gay? Seriously, I knew he was gay before I even knew what gay was!

What musical lyrics leave you scratching your head?

How ironic — you eat vegetarian and you speak baloney.

Just a few life tips from me to you….

  • If your bald spot is bigger than a tea saucer, give up the dreads. Seriously man, who are you REALLY fooling?
  • When attempting to secretly emit expulsions of vaporus noxiticity at work, take out one ear bud to check for sound. Nothing blows your proverbial cover like a good old drum roll.
  • Go to Mid City Grill for the burgers and fries, not the ambiance. If you want ambiance, go to Olive Garden.
  • Yes, the cat DOES have to lay on that piece of paper. If it is that important, get it out of the floor.
  • Hug your dog at least once every day, more if you get the chance.