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Something A Little Heavier….

Normally, my blog is my outlet for lighter fare than this, but I have been thinking about the whole issue of Michael Vick going back into the NFL. I’m a dog person, so personally, I don’t really think his punishment was severe enough.  This caused me to re-examine my perspective on the crime. I think that I am being just a little bit hypocritical. I tend to lean toward the protection of the cute and/or furry. If Vick were convicted of say, cock fighting, I would think to myself, “that’s awful,” and then move on without another thought.  Chickens are not cute or furry and they are quite tasty. So, I am not nearly as offended by cruel treatment of chickens as I would be dogs, cats or horses per say. Cows are also furry and sometimes cute with their big soulful eyes. They also fall in the tasty category. I still want to see them treated humanely. However, I really do not want to know the details. I suspect that if I ever visited a meat processing facility, I would become a vegetarian on the spot.  That’s why I’ve never visited one. I like steak. Besides that, I wear leather shoes. It would VERY hypocritical to be a political vegetarian and wear leather shoes. I really think that if the creature is treated humanely, and all of the pieces/parts are use then we should then we should honor its contributions and consume heartily.

I also think that we are ignoring the larger problem with professional athletes, according to the Washington Post 41 NFL players were arrested in 2006. Of those, 5 were for assault, 5 for a domestic assault, 4 for weapons violations, 15 involving a DUI or transportation of a controlled substance and you get the picture. I am not a statistician.  Hell, I cant even pronounce statistician. But, compared to the total NFL population is this a pretty high percentage verses the same percentage of the general population? Are these guys prone to be more violence because of their job or are they good at their job because of their predisposition to violence? I’m sure there is a psych grad student out there who has already answered this question.  Anyway, my point is, we get really upset because he treated dogs in a horrible way but we ignore it when other NFL players (who rarely do time, incidentally) abuse their spouses. Vick did his time, he did not try to appeal or delay the sentence. He just served the time.  I am just wonder if perhaps some of our priorities are in the wrong place?


I am not IN-sane. Indeed, I am so far OUT of sane that you appear a tiny blip on the distant coast of sanity.

A few little updates and some ramblings from me. First up, we are moving to the Baltimore area. It’s not an IF, its a WHEN. The when is whenever one of us lands a new job in the area. Many thanks to our friends who have been very kind in letting us crash at their place when we are in the Baltimore area.

Now for some ramblings, if you will indulge me.

I saw another banner for Vacation Bible School today. This one had a theme of “Crocodile Dock.” One presumes this a play on “Crocodile Rock” but as no self respecting Southern Baptist would condone rock & roll, let alone rock music produced by a gay man, that the theme must therefore be being surrounded by crocodiles.  So, again I am left to question the overall theme of this VBS and what they are trying to convey.  Is it the message that life is very dangerous and without Jesus you will be consumed in a fiery pit of reptiles? Or are they trying to convey the message that you must be careful and aware of your surroundings in life or you just might end up missing some fingers? Hardly the topics of merriment and rejoicing I remember from my VBS days of learning to say the Lord’s Prayer in USL and making hamburger shaped refrigerator magnets.  I remember themes of being champions for the cause and of going for the gold and other such positive themes, not that any of those experiences have left be being a devotee of the Jewish carpenter. When someone asks me if I know Jesus my standard reply is, “I am familiar with his work. However, I am not a member of the fan club.” Perhaps if we had played Survivor instead I would have gotten a better sense of how organized religion REALLY works and I wouldn’t have been so disillusioned in my more formative years.