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Tweedly deedly deet….

So, Twitter is the hot new thing. Tweets in 140 characters or less to express your thought of the moment. Even my Nana is asking about Twitter. Like every site there is some worthwhile stuff and there is a WHOLE lot of crap. Here is a short list of people I reccomend following and why…. (a little early #followfriday for you)

  • @johncmayer  – yep, the John Mayer.  His tweets are normally very clever and entertaining. He even used Twitter to give some money to charity this week.
  • @thatkevinsmith – yes, the real (verified) Kevin Smith. His tweets very often involve sex with his wife, but he also frequently answers questions and passes on funny tidbits.
  • @neilhimself – Neil Gaiman (verified). He tweets about his blog and writing projects and his girlfriend, Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls).
  • @amandapalmer – The previously mentioned Amanda Palmer. Her tweets usually consist of interesting art about her and her touring adventures. Entertaining if you are a fan of her music.
  • @donttrythis – Adam Savage of Mythbusters. He has all sorts of interesting info to tweet. Including giving clues to his lastest convention costume.
  • @waitwait – the cast of the NPR news quiz show Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. Interesting info from various cast and crew.
  • @whitehouse – Yep, THE Whitehouse, they usually tweet info about the latest press conference, blog or video.

There are thousands of folks out there tweeting interesting stuff, celebrity and regular folk alike. This is just a short list of some of the folks I enjoy following.

Who are you following?

Don’t Ping My Cheese with Your Bandwidth

In my recent job hunting adventures, I have discovered some correlations that job hunting has with Internet dating. I have, thus far, been successful in one of these two adventures. Now, if I can only score on the other one…

Ways that Job Hunting is like Internet Dating:

  • Resumes are like profiles. You put your best face out there and leave out the baggage.  You don’t lie, of course, but your version of the truth might be a little bit rosier than the whole truth.
  • You sift through pages and pages of offerings, but only actually read a few of them.
  • You filter your  search results, and it still gives you lots of crap that is not a good “fit”.
  • So, you put out lots of feelers but only have about a 20% hit rate.
  • You get emails from recruiters with potentials you didn’t apply for, but they are rarely what you are looking for.
  • Of those semi-successful hits you email a few times and then make it to the phone call stage.
  • After said phone call, they say they will call you again but rarely do.
  • You go on the ever stressful first date/job interview wondering if you are wearing the right thing, saying the right thing.
  • And just like in dating, if after the interview they don’t call you back — It really is personal.

And in the present economy, its like being a man in China.  There are 3 other folks via for t for every one job. (thanks to the child limits in China and the subsequent disdain for female children the ratio of men to women is approaching 3:1).

Do you know of other ways job hunting compares to dating?

Lately, I’ve been practicing tantrum meditation….

More weirdness from the mind of me….

I have developed the need to take pictures of my food. Thanks to technology for allowing me to develop yet another weird quirk. I think I picked it up from some of my Tweeps.

I like to share the previously mentioned pictures on Twitter, which then rolls to my Facebook (as does this blog, incidentally).

I am totally addicted to the previously mentioned Twitter. I will check it hourly if possible (time and situation permitting).  I do it mostly because I want to see pictures of what everyone else is eating/buying/listening to at the moment.

I think I have a heterosexual girl crush on Amanda Palmer. I am mesmerized by her mouth.

We looked at a couple of places to live in Maryland this past weekend. One place had a theater in it. I want to live in a place that has a theater in it. Screw the fitness center, I want surround sound!