Monthly Archives: September 2009

Adventures in Innuendo, or perhaps Euphemisms

The mind wanders sometimes, as it often does when I am waiting for someone, something, some red light or driving down the interstate. So, the other day my mind wonders into the subject boobs.  Yes, boobs, breasts, ta tas, and all of the other euphemisms for them.  It makes me wonder where did some of these phrases come from? I think some of them are obvious–knockers, jugs, melons.  But what about hooters? How did breasts get equated with owls? Or does this refer to the noises men make because of them? And there there are the one that are not even words, but are somehow widely recognized–bazoombas and bazonkers.   Since breast cancer seems to get more publicity than all the others combined, you see t-shirts with cute phrases like “save the ta tas.”  Everyone wants a clever name for their Relay for Life team.

There is one phrase that I particularly like, fun bags. Yeah, I get why they are called that but there is something just a little bit more offensive in that one than in the others.

What is the best replacement for breasts that you’ve heard?

Oh, and while I do not like the phrase, the video is pretty funny.