Monthly Archives: October 2009

When the snake falls in love with the garden hose, it’s time to get a new hat.

I’ve been noticing that there are instances (moments, movies, songs, etc) that would have been absolutely perfect had it not been for one small piece of it. It’s like you come bounding down the stairs on Christmas day and you think that you see the outline of the perfect gift under the tree, but what appears to be that bike you asked for turns out to a spinning wheel for your crafty sister. So, it is with that sentiment that a present my list of some things that would have been great if they had stopped right ………..there.

  1. The movie Van Helsing – great action flick, lots of fun creatures, they RUINED it with the glamour shot from the sky at the end.  I mean, come on man. It makes me wonder if Hugh Jackman actually knew what he was smiling fondly at.  I mean, if he had know what they were going to CG in there do you think he would have said, “alright then mates, but that sucks a big kangaroo sack.” I’d like to think he would have.
  2. The Rolling Stones Song Sympathy for the Devil - great lyrics, great tune, catchy, very clever.  They lose me when the backup singers come in with the “whoo whoo, whoo whoo.”  Somehow, I just don’t picture Lucifer going “whoo whoo.”
  3. The Latest Dan Brown Book, The Lost Symbol - OK quasi spoiler alert. Pretty good book, page turner up until the end AND then there is the obligatory Robert Langdon near death experience. Boy it sure is dangerous being a college professor (if Langdon and Indiana Jones are any sort of guide). You’d think by now that Mr. Langdon would have learned to stop getting on stray airplanes.
  4. Season 4 of Angel — I just want a do over that omits season 4. I think that Jasmine was a cool concept, I just wish she wasn’t the product of weird Cordelia/Connor sex.

I know there are more things that need to be on this list that elude me at the moment. What would you add to the list?