Monthly Archives: November 2009

Is this the last acceptable form of discrimination?

When Maine struck down the law allowing same sex marriage I started thinking. I look back on the evolution of civil rights in this country and we have made some great strides. I think about the fight for women’s suffrage. Less than 100 years ago, women in this country did not have the right to vote. I take it for granted really. I know that was a very controversial issue and the forerunners of the issue worked long and hard to get that right for me. They were persecuted, they were jailed and tortured just because they thought women should have the right to vote.

Then consider  the Civil Rights movement. I cannot imagine what it would have been like to be told I can’t eat at a lunch counter, use a water fountain or sit in the front of the bus because of the color of my skin. It astounds me that those things were still happening less than 50 years ago. And while I know that racism still exists, thank goodness it is no longer legally sanctioned.

For both of these causes there were people on both sides of the argument who felt very strongly about the issue. So strongly in fact that if it was left up to the individual states to decide this issues, I have no doubt that women would not have universal suffrage and folks would still be sent to the back of the bus. That is why I sincerely wish that the federal legislature would take up the cause and end the last acceptable form of discrimination in the United States and that is discrimination based on sexual orientation.

I do not understand how anyone could be against two consenting adults entering into a loving, committed, and government sanctioned relationship with all of the rights and privileges that are granted to any heterosexual couple that chooses to enter in to the same. We should celebrate and support the union, not discriminate because they both happen to have a Y chromosome (or two X chromosomes).

This video was made in Ireland, but it also applies to the United States.