Monthly Archives: January 2010

Answer me this: How bad would you like to be able to plug your sofa in and drive it around the house?!

I have sorely neglected my blog responsibilities (not that I think anyone reads it but me).  So I thought I would comment on some of 2009. Not the full scale “year in summary” post, more like a very short highlights reel.

I was VERY lucky in 2009. I was able to see some fantastic artists.  A few of them, I never thought I would have the opportunity to listen to live.  The first being the Flight of the Conchords.  Saw them at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. A beautiful space and a fantastic show! They even brought the New Zealand Symphony with them (Nigel Rocks!).   Then, I was able to see Wicked on Broadway for the third time. While we were in the NYC area we stopped in Atlantic City (what a shit-hole) to see Spinal Tap at the Borgata.  Nigel’s amp still goes to 11. Fantastic show!

Later in the year, I was very fortunate to see be able to see Amanda Palmer in DC and again in Knoxville.  Yes, I have a girl crush on her.

2009 was great in lots of ways, we decided to make the move north to the Baltimore/DC area. We are half way there, having sold the house in Greeneville. We have a perspective buyer for my house and a promising job lead for me in the area (fingers crossed).

I expect many great things from 2010.

What are you expectations?