Monthly Archives: July 2010

If you can’t beat ON them, join some household objects together to form them.

So, it is officially official that I will be leaving the ranks of the perpetually single to join the ranks of those in wedded bliss. Seriously, I already have the commitment. It is the legality of it that interests me in marriage. There are some rights that can be denied or ignored if you are simply cohabitators. (yes, I know the word is cohabitant. But there is something kind of dirty about cohabitators, sort of like fornicators).  Plus, it gives me the opportunity to throw a kick-ass party!

Here is the plan. Jon and I will be getting married sometime next year in a small civil ceremony. We will be having a kick-ass reception/party on October 15, 2011. Save the date cards will be sent first of January with formal invites to follow. Unfortunately, since I am hiring a caterer and the venue seating is limited, I will have a pretty tight guest list.

As I intend to do this on a relatively small budget (where weddings are concerned) I will be doing as much DIY as possible and calling on some friends and family for some help with the day of details.  Craft beer and home brewing is a big part of our life, so we will be brewing the beer for our reception. Jon has some great ideas there and I can’t wait to see that part of it come together. As I complete DIY projects, I will post some info and pics here.