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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Wombat Scorched

My Nook has rekindled my love affair with the library.  Do kids these days go to the library? Hell, do kids these days even read?  The best I can recall, I got my first library card when I was 6. I had to have an adult accompany me for all of my library transactions. By the time I was 12, I was allowed to walk to the library by myself (usually w/the little sister in tow) and very little of my reading was censured, ie. I was free to go into the basement. The basement of the local library was a virtual den of iniquity.. I read every  piece of occult pulp fiction paper back smutty trash in the  basement. There were even books with pictures of naughty bits downstairs. Of course, I could not check them out.  So, I would sit in relative air conditioned comfort and browse them.

I had no concept of buying a book until I was probably 14 or 15 and even then, purchasing a book generally required a trip to Beckley and more pocket money than I generally had. As an adult, I am blessed to be able to feed my fiction habit anytime I want. I used to collect books almost to the point of hoarding. These days, I can be persuaded to part with the paper backs since I trade them at the local used book store. I do, however, have a collection of hardbacks that will not be traded. Some books are meant to be read more than once and most of them several times.

Initially I was unimpressed with the ebook concept. I like the feeling of the book in my hand, the smell of the paper and the fact that I can make notes or underline if the mood strikes me.  It then occurred to me that I could potentially carry thousands of books with me ALL THE FREAKING TIME.   Thus the magic words were spoken and I am now enthralled by the matte finish of the “paper like” screen and the green simulated leather of the highly over priced cover.

Turns out, libraries these days have ebooks. Yep, sounds weird doesn’t it? That you could check out something intangible as a digital file and return it within a certain time frame. Hey, at least I wont have a warrant out on me for past due books and fines (Sara). So, as long as I don’t have to go in there, I love the library again. The staff at my local library did their training at the DMV if their general demeanor and lack of urgency are any indicator.