Monthly Archives: October 2010

And hey, can you reccomend any good caterers? They have to have their Naked Mole Rat Civil Engineer Oath, of course.

More burning questions and astute observations from the brain of Beth…..

  • To the people who produce music–when you are making a CD of a live concert please pay attention to where you cut the tracks. Don’t put the intro to the song at the end of the track before it. Put it where it goes at the beginning of the track with that song.
  • To the couple three rows in front of me w/the car seat, baby carrier combo– I imagine that the conversation in your home went something like this. “Honey, the baby is fussy.” “Great! Let’s go to the movies!” WTF? Don’t feed me the argument that having children shouldn’t stop your life. I got news for you. YES IT SHOULD. If you can’t find a sitter, stay home.
  • What is up with the recent upswing in door-to-door sales? The vacuum cleaner girl came by and asked if she could come into my house and clean something for me. I politely declined and informed her that we don’t have any carpets. Her response, “can we come in anyway?” Uhmm, no.
  • I guess I’m getting old because suddenly mean is just mean. Mean is not at all funny.

How do my glasses get so dirty? They look like I’m the fry cook at a road side diner where the waitress chews gum and calls you “sugar.”

Why are there pink ribbons on my eggs???!!!???

Eggs for a Cure?October is breast cancer awareness month. Honestly, do we really need more breast cancer awareness? It’s like the Paris Hilton of cancers.  I’m pretty sure everyone in the free world is down with saving second base, the tatas,  boobies, fun bags, dirty pillows, the girls (do you want me to go on? I can…). What we need is NOT some new trinket with a pink ribbon on it. What we need is money for research. Breast cancer is not even the highest killer of women. In 2010 the American Cancer Society estimates that Lung & Bronchus cancer will have a death rate of 26% for women and 29% of men. Breast cancer comes in second at 15%.  Lung cancer consistently has the highest death rate but rates around 3rd for research dollars. Why? Because people feel guilty when they have lung cancer, even though genetics can be as much a contributor as lifestyle and environment. You don’t hear much from proud lung cancer survivors, partly because there are not that many and partly because they are ashamed.  Survivors of any cancer should be celebrated, not just cancer that affects the hooters.

Consider this, before you buy that pink magnet to slap on your car, where is that money going? How much of that $5 you plunked down is REALLY going to make a difference to anyone besides Walgreen’s and the Chinese women who churn that crap out. Truthfully, probably very little, if any of that money will go to any cause.  Spend/give your money where it counts and consider the other forms of cancer also. We should be aware of ALL cancer and striving to stop it.