Monthly Archives: May 2011

Insert Clever Posting Title Here

Just a few updates on goings on in my life, because I know that my adoring fan base is dying to know.

In the educational front, I have been accepted to grad school and I am starting classes this Summer. I am working on a Masters of Professional Studies, with a focus on Strategic Leadership. This sounds like a whole lot of bull shit to me. A great deal of higher education is bull shit. However, those clever bastards made it that way on purpose! If you can figure out how to navigate it all, you’re half way there. Besides, if the process were too easy then everyone would have a college degree.

On the wedding front, I am just about finished with planning. I have hired some excellent caterers and outstanding entertainment. I am sure a fun time will be had by all.

In the home news category, we have added a new family member.

Spicy McHaggis (AKA Snorts McGee)

His  hobbies include:

  • Snotting up my glasses
  • Sticking his head in my cleavage
  • Irritating the Cocker Spaniel