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If Bob Ross had more than 24 minutes to finish a painting, maybe he’d paint the Sistine Roof.

Some women collect men, I collect craft supplies.  Sometimes I even use them.   What better reason to buy craft supplies than a wedding reception!  It’s a perfect storm. I am one trip to Hobby Lobby away from an episode of Hoarders.  OK, it is not that bad just yet.  It was with that reason in mind that I unconsciously guided my car to the parking lot of the local Good Will store.   I’m glad I did.  SCORE!  See pictures of my treasures below…..

Pretty Little Pink Plates
Pretty Little Pink Plates


I scored these pretty little pink plates for $2 each. I plan to use them to make my cupcake stands. I will have 3 flavors of cupcake.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen! I said THREE. However, they will be minis, so you can sample all three without busting your buttons off.





Detail of Flowers
Detail of Flowers on border



A close up of the border. Pretty little pink flowers, don’t you think?






Cheese plate or Pompom holder?


This lovely little cheese plate that I scored for less than $4 will become a center piece. I plan on spray painting the base and filling it with brightly colored tissue paper pompoms.






Another pretty plate
Another pretty plate



I am not sure what the fate of this plate will be. It was just too pretty not to buy for the price. I might bust it for mosiac or use piece of it in some jewelry.





I also scored a quart sized mason jar for $1, which will also get spray painted and become a center piece. It wont be matchy, but I promise it will be fun.