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You know what else would be oddly comforting? A pillow shaped like a hammer.

Further musings from the I just don’t get it category…..

Little Ceasar’s Pizza

OK, first of all, is it a punishment to hold the $5 pizza sign?  I mean, is that like reserved for the one who is late that day or what? I understand you cannot give that job to a total slacker as it lacks direct supervision. But, it has to be a punishment, right?

Two of all, is there some market research behind the whole $5 pizza signage? I can promise you I’ve never been driving in evening traffic, saw the sign and thought “holy shit! $5 pizza!” I imagine, if you’re in the market for a $5 pizza you already know where to find Little Caesar’s.

Can someone enlighten me on this one?

Is Waffle Week anything like Pancake Tuesday?

In my quest to find some cool and different decorations for my reception, I came across the concept of “wedding wands.” The idea is, if you are at a venue where you can’t use bubbles or maybe you just don’t want soap involved, your guests can wave pretty ribbons to see you off. I like the idea a lot.  Since Jon and I are not being whisked off to a honeymoon after the reception and I’m sure my family would appreciate if I stayed around to help clean up; I don’t need them. But darn it I wanted them. So, my excuse to get my craft on is that the kids’ table could use them as a center piece. Then the kids can run around like little crazy people waiving these sticks around. It will be like Lord of the Flies, but with bells. After a few glasses of craft beer, I might waive one around myself!  I thought I would share my crafting experiences with my adoring fan base (all 3 of you).



First, trip to Hobby Lobby (chose them over Michael’s because of the 40% off coupon this week). I got a bag of 12 inch dowels, some silver paint, some ribbon, some bells and a giant blue feather. I already had the block of floral foam.






Silver Sticks
Silver Sticks

Then, I gave the sticks 2 coats of silver paint.









Cut the ribbon into 24 inch lengths.








I bought one of those ostrich feathers from the floral department. I don’t know what continent the teal blue ostrich hails from, but I’m glad this one gave up a feather for me. I just cut the shoots off the feather and glued about 10 strings to the top of each wand.








Finished Project
Aren't they pretty?

I glued the ribbon on with a hot glue gun, and then glued the bell on and viola!