Monthly Archives: November 2011

What does a girl do with an unwanted subscription to Bride magazine and some free time?

She makes paper beads of course!  Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about re-purposing things. One of my favorites is Blue Velvet Chair (will open in new window). I saw a posting on there recently about all of the different things you can do to recycle magazines and paper. There are some amazing items that people have created on the site.

I liked the idea of paper beads since they are small and didn’t require me to purchase any new tools.  But, guess what. I did buy a new tool. I found an awesome little tool for rolling paper beads made by Paper Bead Girl.  You can see her Etsy site here. She also sells an adhesive for making paper beads. I was given a sample with my roller. I like it, but so far, I like the beads sealed with Diamond Glaze better. It gives them a really nice coating. You might think they were made of wood or plastic.

I’ve made some of them into bracelets for myself.