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I spend one Saturday a year feeding disoriented bees.

I recently had my annual visit to the girlie doctor.  As I was leaving, I passed a girl who appeared to be no more than 16 and was quite obviously pregnant. This made me sad, but not for the reasons you assume. First, she was probably older than she looked (I hope).  So, even if she was only 16 it does not make me sad that a 15/16 year old girl is having sex.  Hell, that is what our bodies are screaming for us to do at that age.  It made me sad because she either didn’t know she had options to protect herself from that situation or that she was told that abstinence was the only way and therefore just didn’t try.  The thought that she would do that on purpose is too frightening to even consider, so I wont.

I just don’t understand the abstinence only philosophy for teenagers. It is not realistic and it is dangerous.  Should15 year olds have sex?  No.  Do 15 year olds have sex?  Of course. They should be shown how to protect themselves and be prepared for the situation.

Making birth control available to teenagers does not equal a license to have sex.  Trust me on this one, I was lucky that my Mom realized this and prepped us.  Did she then allow our boyfriends to stay over?  HELL no, I had to sneak around like every other teenager and it is a LOT harder to do in a town as small as Oceana, WV than it would be in Johnson City, TN.


Barney may be big, but you don’t mess with a Muppet, man. You’ll be on your back faster than an Italian in a penalty box.

I really liked John McCain until now. His opposition to the ending of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell stinks of bigotry.  As one of the top brass testifying in the Senate pointed out, most combat Marines have never served with a woman either. That doesn’t mean we are not going to let women serve in the Marines. He also asked why this should be a referendum to the troops in the first place. Should we also poll them on how they feel about 18 month tours of Iraq? Of course not. Admiral  Mike Mullen said “There is no gray area here, we treat each other with respect or we find another place to work. Period.” He also said: “War does not stifle change, it demands it.” (npr.org).

I really wonder what the big fear here is? I really think once they repeal DADTL it will be business as usual in the armed forces in general. I highly doubt that those who serve that are in the gay/lesbian community will have a coming out party. These folks are not stupid. They know that there is still a great deal of prejudice to be dealt with. I greatly admire their desire to serve and devote their lives to service of the country even with the knowledge that if they are found out, they could be stripped of their job and all the benefits they have worked for. I never understood the concept of “well, we’ll let you serve and potentially die for us, but you’ve got to lie about who you are.”